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"Abbott and Costello talk about big noses"
(From Abbott and Costello's radio show, April 28, 1948)

Lou Costello: Why don't you get your cousin Norman a job at a filling station?

Bud Abbott: What could Norman do at a filling station?

Lou Costello: With that big nose of his, he could replace a filling pump.

Bud Abbott: Now wait a minute. He has a very sensitive nose. He can stand three feet from a table and smell cheese.

Lou Costello: With that nose, he could stand three feet away and cut it.

Bud Abbott: Costello, Norman comes from my wife's branch of the family. You know, my wife and Norman both have the same nose, and they're very proud of that nose.

Lou Costello: Well, there's enough there for both of them to be proud of, believe me.

Mrs. Abbott (entering): Why, you high-hipped hippopotamus! I heard what you said about me!

Bud Abbott: Costello! Apologize to my wife.

Lou Costello: I'm sorry I said anything about your nose, Mrs. Abbott. After all, lots of families have big noses.

Mrs. Abbott: Oh, that's all right, Costello. Do big noses run in your family?

Lou Costello: Only in the winter time.